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Certified Life Coach

Persistent in search
With respect to each of my individual clients.

I studied pedagogy and psychology and then started my teaching career. However, I had always dreamed of having freedom in my profession, of being my own woman, responsible for myself and my time. After a few years, I decided to leave the school department and began to pursue my dreams. I went out into the world, spent some time in Canada, successfully traded abroad, and as a manager took care of several branches on different continents. I then trained and coached business people and managers.

All of a sudden, I had a growing career, success, and a planned work program for half a year ahead.  I experienced a strong sense of satisfaction from the realized job opportunities and at the same time I felt an ever-deepening inner emptiness. The same question kept coming to my mind: “Are you really happy, Edita?”

My life changed when I met a coach who guided me through the knowledge of myself and my strengths and weaknesses, who showed me how to change from the well-trodden paths to find the ones less travelled, to work with my own emotions, to trust my intuitions, to set goals and to realize them. I made a pilgrimage to Tibet and after I began to visit Asia regularly that helped me learn ancient spiritual teachings, how to work with energies and how to reveal the secrets of the tantra in our lives.

I learned that how we live our lives depends only on us, and that fear weakens us and that the longer it persists, the worse the consequences are.

I also learned that

Falling to the bottom gives us the opportunity to stop and realize that it is time to change how we live.

Everything happens for a reason.

When one thing ends, another begins.

We can be more generous to others than to ourselves.

Asking for help and support is not a sign of weakness.

What we dream about, we can make our reality.




I love life and gladly accept that I do not know what the future holds. So, I laugh often and with gusto. I work intensively and am constantly trying to learn something new. I maintain respect and esteem for myself and those around me. I love to sleep, I can be dramatic, I like to drive fast, I cry with every movie and I’m otherwise imperfect.

It fascinates me to connect the elements of the Western style of living in our minds with the Eastern love and wisdom in our hearts. I follow the path I have always subconsciously wanted to take to enrich my life, and I am ready to bring you to the fulfilled, rich and successful life that you deserve.